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Site Updates December 2020!

Here are the updates for December 2020! We've been working hard to bring you new features and improve the performance of the site.

  • Token and Groove Calculator now have Produce Plan Stamina Reduction support
  • Logging to browser debug console is now disabled so you don't get 100,000 lines added there which should improve performance of the calculation script
  • Added Past Event page to see all past borders and event length and compare them
  • Top 10, Past Event Page and Ranking List have their caching algorithms improved
  • Border bot improvements in stability. Introduction of new checking algorithm.
  • Added custom URLs! To reward people who have made significant contributions to the running of the site, I will be personally contacting specific donators and set up a custom URL of your choosing. Custom URLs are special profile links that are personal to each user for example:
  • A work in progress version of the menu translation guide is now available in the Guides tab








deresuteborder Anniversary Update





新機能ベータテスト中:TOP 100 PRPランキングページ
質問と不具合報告があれば是非俺のDM (@ zhu346p) に送ってください



Yesterday I rolled out a large update to to enhance the capabilities of the site.

Here are the main changes

  1. Added a new page, EVENT TOP 10
    Here you can view historical top 10 data for every single event, see the run time for the event and also the rough amount of time has passed since the event started. By clicking on the header you will be transported to the ranking list to view the final update for each event. There will be more features planned for this page so stay tuned!
  2. Added support for UTC timestamps in the Event Ranking list.
    This means that you can enter any time in UTC and it will fetch the closest update to that time in particular (if there is no data at all it will fetch the latest update) As a result, we also added the Permlink feature, which allows you to share any update with your friends by giving you a convenient link to copy.
  3. Added a new beta feature TOP 100 PRP List
    This beta feature will show the top 100 prp producers in the game, so you know what is the cap roughly. As the feature is still in beta, the accuracy of the data is not certain yet. We are also still tweaking the algorithms as there was a new rate limit added just yesterday that interfered with collection of updates. Getting this working will be one of the focuses going forward. Any feedback for this is greatly appreciated. (although from what I can tell there's only about 2-3 people in the english community who are competitive enough to get top 100 PRP)
  4. Various backend improvements and stability updates
    This has been a major problem in the past. We have cut ties with proxy providers that have not provided acceptable levels of service uptime and will look into investing in our own datacenters and proxy servers should there be a need in the future.
  5. Japanese translations for event calculators have been announced. This is a huge work in progress for me.
  6. GFYCAT has been bought over by facebook over a month ago, so the guides section needs a serious revamp because fuck facebook and also because facebook has been trying to screw over some of the existing features. if the gif guides section suddenly disappears you know why.

Also do note that I'm considering moving towards a Japanese-First design and language approach for the site, due to over 88% of all visitors being from Japan. I hope that this will be something that people will be able to understand.


There are no plans to update the PRP rankings during events. We will re-evaluate the update schedule after the beta testing period has ended

Level 500 Update!

Greetings producers!

As you know, 28/9/18 gave us the new level cap update. Our commitment to delivering quality resources is unwavering. In less than 24hrs from the update we are fully updated to support the latest changes.

Update Notes:

  • EXP Table now shows up to level 500, with highlighting to show the points where stamina gets discounted.
  • Token and Groove calculators now use the new EXP table, Max Stamina table and jewel costs. You can now see what sort of discounts you'll experience at level 315 compared to 198!
  • Searching for producers now accepts levels up to 500
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't search for potential 35 guest idols.

Thank you for your continued support to

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