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Level 500 Update!

Greetings producers!

As you know, 28/9/18 gave us the new level cap update. Our commitment to delivering quality resources is unwavering. In less than 24hrs from the update we are fully updated to support the latest changes.

Update Notes:

  • EXP Table now shows up to level 500, with highlighting to show the points where stamina gets discounted.
  • Token and Groove calculators now use the new EXP table, Max Stamina table and jewel costs. You can now see what sort of discounts you'll experience at level 315 compared to 198!
  • Searching for producers now accepts levels up to 500
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't search for potential 35 guest idols.

Thank you for your continued support to


Public Beta is out now!

Greetings everyone! I'm pleased to announced that is now available for everyone to use! You no longer require a beta key to access the Producers/Community and Sign Up pages, give them a try.

If you would like some instructions on how to use this site, I've some broad level instructions as follows:

  1. Sign up for an account (Top Right of any page)
  2. After signing up, access your account settings page (Producers->My Account or click on your username next to the log out link)
  3. Press "Add Account"
  4. Enter your account 9 digit ID
  5. Check your email for your verification code
  6. Edit your in-game profile description to match the code EXACTLY
  7. Go to your settings page again and click on the "Verify Account" Button
  8. Click on the "Verify My Profile" button.
  9. If verification fails, please try again after a few minutes. The data takes a while to update and we are expecting high load during the Launch period, so your understanding is appreciated

If you have any problems with your account, you may send a email to staff[[at]] (replace [[at]] with @) and describe your problem in details.

Once your account is verified it'll be associated with your profile and you can do various things from there. Try it out.

Thanks for your patience, I hope the site lives up to your expectations.

Event Calculators Moved to New Domain

Greetings everyone,

The event calculators have been migrated from the old domain to this new one to prepare for the release of the exciting new community and profile listing features I've been working on.

Additionally, 2x multiplier has been added to groove calculator in the latest update!

If you have problems with using this new site, feel free to message me on discord or send a pm to /u/AidoruRisemara on reddit!

You may apply for the closed beta HERE
You will need to be in the discord server to get sent the beta key if accepted.

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