Cinderella Shot - Quick SSS Route

Posted on July 20, 2022, 6:23 a.m.
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The cinderella shot minigame is an april fools minigame added in April of 2022. It was later added to the game permanently in 20th July 2022. This guide aims to provide guidance to the simplest possible route to take to get an SSS rating.

The timestamps provided is based on the in game countdown. The scoring of each shot will vary depending on your framing and timing. There are many factors that go into scoring that are not going to be covered in this basic guide.

Lesson Room

Camera A  
4:38 Chance Event   
4:10-4:08 Makino 4*  
3:38 Chance Event  
3:23-3:20 Kanade 4*  
Camera B  
2:36 Chance Event  
2:14-2:13 Tsukasa 4*  
2:09-2:05 Kotoka 3*  
Camera A  
1:49 Random Idol 1 (Passion) 3*  
1:48 Random Idol 2 (Cool) 3*  
1:48/1:47 Random Idol 3 (Cute) 3*  
Camera C  
0:47 Nina 3*  
0:26 Kaoru 4*   
0:24 Nanami 3*  

Waiting Room

Camera B
7:13-7:12 Random Idol 2*
Camera A
7:01 Chance Event
6:34 Anzu 3*
Chance Event
4:53 Kirari 3* 

Stand up take a toilet break, make a coffee or something then come back

Camera A
2:20 Chance Event
1:54 Rin 4*
1:53-1:51 Uzuki 4*
1:53-1:51 Mio 4*
Camera B
1:11-1:07 Riamu 4*
1:07 Akira 4*
1:02 Akari 3*
Camera C
0:05 Chihiro 3*

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