How to check if your GPU is supported

Posted on Dec. 30, 2021, 6:48 a.m.
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Checking your phone's GPU is one way to find out why the graphics you are getting in the game seem to be very low quality. It can also be helpful when considering new phones

  1. Check the name of the GPU of your phone. I would recommend using any site that shows detailed phone specs like since you can just type a search and it'll show you what the chipset is (which also tells you which GPU is bundled with the chipset since they're all integrated)
  2. Check the GPU against the list below. ONLY GPUS in this list will get the highest possible quality.
    (Do note that the game does prefix matching, so if there are more characters behind the name of the GPU like more digits or in the case of Mali GPUs, core count specification, the game will ignore the rest)
    This means that GPUs like Adreno 630 will match "Adreno 6" and Mali-G76 MP16 will match "Mali G7"

Adreno 4
Adreno 5
Adreno 6
Adreno 7
Mali T7
Mali T8
Mali G7
Mali G5
Mali G6

There are a few more GPUs that will support graphics level lower than maximum but not the lowest (i.e. Level 2 and Level 1 instead of Level 0) but I would not recommend getting any phone with sub par performance as those chips are either long unsupported x86 chips or from ancient phones. Ideally always aim for this list, anything outside of this list no matter how powerful will have grainy graphics.

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