Stage for Cinderella Explained

Posted on June 18, 2022, 12:19 p.m.
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Stage for Cinderella is the replacement or successor format to the original Cinderella Girls General Election format. It was announced on the 2nd day of the 10th Anniversary Tour Finale on the 3rd of April 2022 and will be the format used for all elections going forward. Unlike past event formats, this election is tied to deresute (Starlight Stage) only and will not have any content for mobamas (the original Cinderella Girls mobile game).

This will purely be an explanation article. Analysis, opinions and other things could fill an entire dissertation in itself. We will go over two things, the format flow and the rewards.

The Quick Infographic

The Format

1. Group Draw

The first step is a group draw, where all 190 idols are split into 4 groups.

The official announcement does not specify if the groups have to be evenly sized. We can only assume for now that they mean group sizes of around 47 or 48. (Will update after the draw stream)

2. Group Votes

The next step is a group based vote. In this stage, a single vote nominates exactly 5 idols. The goal is to get the idols that you want into the top 5 of the group that was created in step 1.

Even if it seems unlikely your idol might win the group, you still want to get them into the top 15 of each group because...

3. Playoffs

The next stage is a Playoff stage. The Top 10 losers from all 5 groups, ranks 6 to 15, will join a playoff group of 40 idols total. In this stage, a single vote nominates ONE idol. Only the 1st place idol of this group moves on to the next stage.

4. Cinderella Girl Decider Vote

The 4th and final stage is the Cinderella Girl vote. Here there are 21 idols total, 5 from each group winner earlier and the 1 idol that won the Playoff round. In this stage, a single vote nominates ONE idol. And the winner of this group becomes the next Cinderella Girl.


Voting is one thing, but the rewards that you get from this voting event is also different from previous years.

Group Stage Winners

The top 5 idols of each group will receive

  • A new song
  • An event ingame

(There are no prizes for winning the Playoffs)

Best 5 Winners

The top 5 idols in the final Cinderella Girl Decider stage will receive

  • A new song
  • An event ingame
  • A new outfit that will be earned through that event
  • A special 3D livestream program

Cinderella Girl Winner

The idol that wins the title of Cinderella Girl will also get a special SSR in deresute.

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