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So I want this to be a bit of a fast one. You could easily cover entire essays on this but I would not like to go into that level of detail.

Let's have a quick look at testing methodology. If you've requested a team build example from me at one point you might have noticed that I've chosen some songs, and I've always wondered if those songs are the best songs to use as examples for teambuilding...

Back after a long hiatus!

What is this?

This guide aims to cover general carnival strategy to help you acquire SSS (Gold Trophy) and some additional advice for people looking to optimize their SSS booths to rank for the rainbow trophy.

Just like last time we'll cover

  • How to get from SS to SSS
  • How to make the most out of your collection in SSS to challenge the voltage rankings ...

Skill boost was the first complex skill added to starlight stage. It introduced a new way for us to think about cards as it does not have any effect itself, but relies on other existing effects to work in synergy with them. Since then other skill boost related skills like Ensemble and Tricolor Symphony have been added, but they all work off the same basic principles.

For this article we will co...

There's a shiny new passion mutual card in town, but Passion doesn't have a 7 seconds medium timer combo bonus which cute uses, nor does it have a 4s high combo bonus which cool uses, so what card do you actually want to run in that slot?

This is a new experimental content piece. It probably won't stand the test of time like the other writeups but it will at least help give some insight into th...

This is an explainer on how Overload works, together with basic usage examples. For simplicity, all explanations focus on the SSR version of the skill, but can be extended to the SR version once you understand how it works.

Complexity: Simple - If you understand score bonus, you should be able to understand overload

Basic Overview

Overload is explained ingame like this (SSR)


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