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There was a major change to the auto live function announced yesterday, together with enhancements to the Premium Pass feature. This article will cover the following.

  • What are the changes that are coming in June involving both the Premium pass and the auto ticket cap raise
  • How many auto tickets can you spend in a single play and what level you need to be
  • How much time you're losing out ...

おっきな会場に、沢山のお客さん!(In a massive venue, a large number of guests!)
これ以上ない、最高の舞台さ!(There's nothing greater [than this], the greatest stage!)
ウチたちなら、見せつけてやれるって信じてるぞ!(It's us, therefore believe that we will be able to show it off to you!)
私達これから、歌い上げてくるよ!(From here on, we will sing from the top of our voice!)
だからプロデューサーも、しっかり聞いて、心に刻んで (Therefore, producer too should listen carefully and etch...

Back after a long hiatus!

What is this?

This guide aims to cover general carnival strategy to help you acquire SSS (Gold Trophy) and some additional advice for people looking to optimize their SSS booths to rank for the rainbow trophy.

Just like last time we'll cover

  • How to get from SS to SSS
  • How to make the most out of your collection in SSS to challenge the voltage rankings ...

"always" is the BEST5 song from the 6th Cinderella Girl General Election. The original album version was released in December 13, 2017 in the album THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER 恋が咲く季節. During the Cinderella Girls 10th Anniversary Tour Finale @ Belluna Dome, it was revealed that this song is the 3rd most voted song in the "My Best Cinderella Songs" voting event that took place late 2021.


The new DMM launcher is now forced for all people, and it's region locked. If you don't happen to live in Japan, you're going to have to work around this. Fortunately it is not incredibly difficult to do, so here's a quick step by step guide on working with the new DMM launcher.

  1. If you have your old DMM launcher, it will automatically send you to the website to download the new one. Alternat...

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