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When life is grim and your existence feels like a liability to others. When it seems like the world would be better off without you. When death seems like the easy option to take. When there seems to be no hope. What is it that keeps you going?

I didn't think I would be writing about this song because its kind of a straightforward piece, but Aichi's live has taught me that there are ...

This is an explainer on how Overload works, together with basic usage examples. For simplicity, all explanations focus on the SSR version of the skill, but can be extended to the SR version once you understand how it works.

Complexity: Simple - If you understand score bonus, you should be able to understand overload

Basic Overview

Overload is explained ingame like this (SSR)


This is a modified version of the original post on reddit, with significantly improved formatting to match the modern high standards we have come to expect from a post. This song is too good to not share and I always felt embarrassed that the original post was such an organizational trainwreck

This is a writeup about my obsession with Arakane no Utsuwa, why it's my all time favorite CM, why ...

Before we even talk about complicated skill interactions, it is important to know how score per note comes about. This guide aims to teach basic information on building blocks like Score Bonus, Combo Bonus and Appeal.

There are 7 components determining the score of a note

  1. Total Appeal
  2. Difficulty Multiplier
  3. Judge Multiplier
  4. Combo Multiplier
  5. Score Bonus
  6. Combo Bonus
  7. N...

Checking your phone's GPU is one way to find out why the graphics you are getting in the game seem to be very low quality. It can also be helpful when considering new phones

  1. Check the name of the GPU of your phone. I would recommend using any site that shows detailed phone specs like since you can just type a search and it'll show you wh...

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