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Regarding the title, Great Journey debuted live at 7th Live Glowing Rock 16th Feb 2020, and remains unreleased in full to this day. While the reasons of WHY would warrant an entire essay on itself, the fact is that the official lyrics are also only available in a photobook on a 29700 yen official BD Box and hence not many people may want to pay such money just to view the official lyrics. (It's th...

Here are the updates for December 2020! We've been working hard to bring you new features and improve the performance of the site.

  • Token and Groove Calculator now have Produce Plan Stamina Reduction support
  • Logging to browser debug console is now disabled so you don't get 100,000 lines added there which should improve performance of the calculation script
  • Added Past Event page to see al...





新機能ベータテスト中:TOP 100 PRPランキングページ
質問と不具合報告があれば是非俺のDM (@ zhu346p) に送ってください


Greetings producers!

As you know, 28/9/18 gave us the new level cap update. Our commitment to delivering quality resources is unwavering. In less than 24hrs from the update we are fully updated to support the latest changes.

Update Notes:

  • EXP Table now shows up to level 500, with highlighting to show the points where stamina gets discounted.
  • Token and Groove calculators now use the n...

Public Beta is out now!

Greetings everyone! I'm pleased to announced that is now available for everyone to use! You no longer require a beta key to access the Producers/Community and Sign Up pages, give them a try.

If you would like some instructions on how to use this site, I've some broad level instructions as follows:

  1. Sign up for an account (Top Right of any page)
  2. A...

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