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Back after a long hiatus!

What is this?

This guide aims to cover general carnival strategy to help you acquire SSS (Gold Trophy) and some additional advice for people looking to optimize their SSS booths to rank for the rainbow trophy.

Just like last time we'll cover

  • How to get from SS to SSS
  • How to make the most out of your collection in SSS to challenge the voltage rankings ...

The new DMM launcher is now forced for all people, and it's region locked. If you don't happen to live in Japan, you're going to have to work around this. Fortunately it is not incredibly difficult to do, so here's a quick step by step guide on working with the new DMM launcher.

  1. If you have your old DMM launcher, it will automatically send you to the website to download the new one. Alternat...

Live infinity, also known as everyone's least favorite forced grind, is a massive undertaking. Time is valuable, so this guide aims to tell you how to make the most out of your limited time and clear that tower as quickly as possible

Changes from the first tower: 38F and 40F have their FC requirements cut in half, so 40 is no longer identical to 49. 45F has its combo requirement changed to Perf...

In the update on 9th Feb 2022, they enabled a couple changes to the way flicks and slides interact in GRAND LIVE to make some of the judgement less problematic. Well, this change actually affects more things than just GRAND under the hood. This article will explore and explain some of the changes made.

Let's go through the list of bugs


This is an explainer on how Overload works, together with basic usage examples. For simplicity, all explanations focus on the SSR version of the skill, but can be extended to the SR version once you understand how it works.

Complexity: Simple - If you understand score bonus, you should be able to understand overload

Basic Overview

Overload is explained ingame like this (SSR)


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